Our mission in finding the feminine

Is to create a safe space
where you can go inward,
transform, create,
transmute and heal.

Personal Reconnection

Rediscovering and realizing
your own potential.

Holistic Journey

Embracing the true role of women.

Female Spirit

Rediscovering and realizing
one's own potential.


Rediscovering the Feminine: Embracing true potential

We believe through the history of human kind, women have been programmed to perform in a more male incline society. We have been forced, pushed and struggled to achieve a certain mold in society. Therefore; lose and disconnect from our truth . To feel completely free, healthy, at ease, powerful, clarity, whole, open, creative, intuitive and connected directly to infinite divine source , is our birthright.

¡Our divine feminine energy is responsible for our beautiful creation as a species!
  • Our intention is for you to experience yourself throughout; mind , body and soul through our divine feminine.
  • We have to go inward, connect with ourself and our true potential in order to create the life that we want.
Our Sessions
La bocana sunset


Huatulco stands out as the ultimate retreat destination, drawing individuals seeking healing, selfdiscovery, and a profound connection with themselves and nature. The absence of large crowds ensures that retreat participants can fully immerse themselves into the experience with a sense of peace and mindfulnes.

Our lovely team


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