Waking from Our Pain Reality

In these teachings Antonia provides a reflection and transmission that assists in seeing our current reality for what it truly is versus what our egoic dream world has told us it is. We begin by getting real about what our pain is telling us about who we are. We crack open the truth below the masculine driven mind and mental play. The teachings and meditations create space to bring in a higher the vibrations of awareness and creative energies of potential.

Unabandoning Ourselves in the Feminine

The Feminine moves us from Separation to Unity

Our Tools of Transformation and Expansion

Yin Yoga

Yoga – water element

Breathwork ( Healing the female lineage )

Breathwork ( Circular consciousness )

Cacao ceremony ( The heart opener )

Temazcal ceremony

Each one will have its TINA of Medicinal Tea with 13 Exclusive Plants for Women. With which the "Vaginal Self-Cleansing" will be done on a Physical Level and "Bioenergetic-Spiritual Cleansing Harmonization" of the SACRED FEMININE and thus Heal Old Memories that are limiting and/or blocking our Current Life. Personal "Cleaning Bouquet" will be delivered to work within the Temazcal. Bioenergetic Harmonization will be carried out with Copal Smoke. Within the Temazcal we will share HONEY to perform the PsychoMagic Exercise "Breaking the Sexual Energy Ties of Former and Current Couples." * Mud with Clay will be given for Face, Body and Hair, as well as roasted Aloe Vera. We will share Medicinal Tea and Fruit.

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