Mentors on Your Spiritual journey

Feminine companions
on your journey towards
inner enlightenment.


Antonia's mission is to Activate, Enable, and Expedite your journey into the next reality .


Who is she?

She assists in bringing consciousness and healing into ancient, ancestral pain both individually and collectively. She guides people in seeing ancient stories of pain and separation. This pain is where we hold the 3rd dimension and it is in our bodies. She helps you dismantle the pain infrastructure through sharing energies of deep seeing as beneath the pain is your connection to your creativity and to our collective. We are not separate; only our pain tells us we are.

"I invite you to walk with her on an often uncomfortable but magical journey into your next reality. It’s not an easy path because we must see our pain for what it really is. This is the alchemy of awareness. This is the transmutation of pain into love and dark into light. This is the next dimension."


  • Registered psychotherapist

  • Meditation teacher

  • Yoga teacher

  • Ayurvedic Counsellor

  • Author


Waking from Our Pain Reality

In these teachings Antonia provides a reflection and transmission that assists in seeing our current reality for what it truly is versus what our egoic dream world has told us it is. We begin by getting real about what our pain is telling us about who we are. We crack open the truth below the masculine driven mind and mental play. The teachings and meditations create space to bring in a higher the vibrations of awareness and creative energies of potential.

Unabandoning Ourselves in the Feminine

The Feminine moves us from Separation to Unity

Our Tools of Transformation and Expansion


Eleonora’s mission is to lead you into healing, growing and finding a new connection with the Divine using the breath as medicine.


Who is she?

Eleonora represents a figure of transformation and healing in the world of well-being and spirituality. Her unique approach lies in utilizing the breath as a powerful tool for healing, personal growth, and connection with the Divine. Through her teachings, Eleonora invites women to embark on a journey of self-discovery, where breathing becomes the bridge to greater awareness and balance.


  • Yoga teacher

  • Meditation facilitator

  • Expert and facilitator of several breathing techniques

  • Vedic Astrologer

  • Counselor in personal development

  • Ancestral wisdom and Shamanic student

  • Explorer of the human mind and its connection with the divine


Yin Yoga

Represents meditation, depth of thought and physical immobility. The union of these three elements helps to achieve a state of peace and tranquility, both physically and mentally. Yin Yoga is a slow and introspective practice, where stillness is sought in the postures and permanence in the asana. It focuses predominantly on calm. The slow and meditative practice of Yin Yoga promotes only the relaxation of the nervous system. The opposites of earth and sky, feminine and masculine, darkness and light, moon and sun, and passivity and activity are some representations of yin and yang, where earth, feminine, darkness, the moon and passivity represent yin; and the sky, the masculine, the light, the sun and activity represent yang

Yoga – water element

Breathwork ( Healing the female lineage )

Breathwork ( Circular consciousness )


Samara’s mission is to share from love her acquired knowledge. She is a student of life, people and different paths.


Who is she?

Samara is a captivating student of life, whose mission is to share the knowledge she has lovingly acquired throughout her personal journey. As a tireless learner, she has delved into various paths and cultures, immersing herself in the study of people and their diverse life experiences. Her holistic approach and deep empathy make her unique in her ability to understand and connect with others.

Passionate about personal growth and spiritual development, Samara combines her intuitive wisdom with a practical approach to guide others in their own process of self-discovery. Her teaching is based on the belief that every experience is a learning opportunity and that every individual has unlimited potential to evolve.


  • Yoga teacher

  • Meditation facilitator

  • Expert and facilitator of several breathing techniques


Cacao ceremony ( The heart opener )

A genuine desire to connect with, to be guided by, and to learn from cacao. We create an intention, so it helps us to connect with a specific characteristic about us. According to some Indigenous elders, ceremony is the way to put our lives into order and, in turn, bring the cosmos into order. Cacao is a teacher that is skilled at helping us reconnect with our own hearts, tend our relationships, and walk through life purposefully and guided by clear vision . From preparing, roasting, peeling, grinding and eating it, following up with a meditation, sound healing and chanting.
The three universal pillars that we see as core to creating cacao ceremony are: gratitude, intention, and reciprocit.


Gabriela’s mission is to take you on a ride of self-love and receive women that have a desire to create an space for healing; body, mind and spirit .


Who is she?

Gabriela is a spiritual guide dedicated to fostering self-love and holistic healing. Her mission is to a ccompany women on a transformative journey encompassing body, mind, and spirit. Through her teachings, Gabriela creates a safe and welcoming space where women can explore and heal their inner wounds. Her approach focuses on nurturing overall well-being, promoting an environment of acceptance and growth. With a deep understanding of the interconnection between physical and emotional health, Gabriela is an expert facilitator on the path towards inner fulfillment and harmony.


  • Temazcal ceremony facilitator

  • Mexihka traditional doctor

  • Acupuncturist

  • Comprehensive rehabilitator

  • Psychologist


Temazcal ceremony

Each one will have its TINA of Medicinal Tea with 13 Exclusive Plants for Women. With which the "Vaginal Self-Cleansing" will be done on a Physical Level and "Bioenergetic-Spiritual Cleansing Harmonization" of the SACRED FEMININE and thus Heal Old Memories that are limiting and/or blocking our Current Life. Personal "Cleaning Bouquet" will be delivered to work within the Temazcal. Bioenergetic Harmonization will be carried out with Copal Smoke. Within the Temazcal we will share HONEY to perform the PsychoMagic Exercise "Breaking the Sexual Energy Ties of Former and Current Couples." * Mud with Clay will be given for Face, Body and Hair, as well as roasted Aloe Vera. We will share Medicinal Tea and Fruit.


Fiorella's mission is s to hold a space for women to learn, heal, change beliefs, release and transformed.


Who is she?

Since early age in my life, I have experience illness, throughout the years it improved a lot but never healed, until I was 27 my body shot down after an unexpected surgery. I was faced with so much pain, new symptoms and chronic illnesses. My parents and I invested thousands of dollars trying to figure it out what was happening so I could heal. I went to see countless doctors, physicians, therapists, etc. I did a hundred of treatments and medicines. I felt incredibly lost, desperate, vulnerable and fell into a deep depression. I believe an angel in form of a friend was sent to me and he sent me to my first neuroscience and meditation workshop. From that moment on I started my self – discovery and healing journey. I kept studying about reprograming the mind, how our brain works, the origin of beliefs, transformation, manifestation and how we create our personality therefore our own reality. I connected with myself and tapped into my healing abilities. I kept working a lot in meditation practices, taking courses, workshops and healing. From therapies like; craniosacral, hypnotherapy, psych-k, access consciousness, regression, herbalism, medical medium, holistic approach, constellation, therapy, emotional release, plant medicines, several types of diets, among others. As in today I keep healing, studying, practicing and channeling. I live through my heart, surrendering and trusting the universe, because we are it.

‘’ You can’ get it wrong because it is never done ‘’

Abrahams Hicks

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